February 2013
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Day February 12, 2013

Weekly blood counts 12th Feb 2013

For detailed description of parameters see the Data Methods part of this website

Haemoglobin: 14.5

White blood cells: 4.9

Platelets: 244

Neutrophils: 2.22

Neuts down a bit, everything else level or better.

Daily affect data February 12th 2013

12th of Feb 2013, today’s data summary:

Mood: Subdued = 5

Control: A little controll= 3-4

Discomfort: Moderate = 4

All a bit on the low side. It’s not fun pulling your hair out in clumps.

I also have chemo at 2.00 at UCLH.

Stoicism index

I have created a new daily data type: Stoicism

These are the parameters scored  1-10:

Illness what illness: 9-10

I feel fine: 7-8

Grin and bare it: 5- 6

Stiff upper lip: 4

Wobbly lip: 2-3

I don’t want to talk about it: 1

Today my stoicism is: Stiff upper lip or a 4