Things happen 7, June 24th 2013

So today, I had my stem cells collected. Again. After 4 days of high does G-CSF injections, I managed to squeeze out 2.1 million stem cells. This is enough for a transplant. If I’d managed 4 million I could have put some on ice for a possible 2nd transplant at some point in the future. This will do though. In contrast to the previous collection, I didn’t suffer ‘child birth level’ pain, but I did come home feeling pretty ropey. I now wait to see when I’ll be scheduled for their return.

For more detail about this process have a look at my previous post on the topic.


Here’s the data:

For detailed description of parameters see the Data Methods part of this website

Stoicism: Grin and bare it 5

Mood: felt calm ≈ 6

Control: No control at all = 1

Discomfort: severe = 6

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