Things happen 6, June 20th 2013


(image from macmillian cancer research)

Some better news. I was in UCLH to have my PICC line (peripherally inserted central catheters) dressed. This is a tube that’s inserted into your arm and pushed up your vein into your heart. It’s used to administer drugs and take blood tests. I’ll have it until I my stem cell transplant is finished. Anyhow, I got the analysis of the MRI scan back which was good. Previously I’d had evidence of advancing disease (lesions) in my ribs, a couple of places in my spine, hip and left scapular. The stem cell transplant will in theory snuff out the remaining disease… for a bit anyhow.

Bone damage is one of the most widespread side effects of myeloma, here’s a description from the Multiple Myeloma Research foundation:

The most visible aspect of myeloma disease is its effect on bones throughout the body. In the majority of patients with multiple myeloma, soft spots develop where the bone structure has been damaged. These can extend from the inner bone marrow to the outside surface of the bone. Soft spots appear as “holes” on a standard bone x-ray and are referred to as osteolytic lesions (see figure). These lesions weaken the bone, causing pain and increasing the risk of fractures. 

See more here.

The three months of chemo I’d had from January seem to have stopped these developments in there tracks, indicating that the particular form of treatment I had at this time works for me (PAD more here).

Here’s the data:

For detailed description of parameters see the Data Methods part of this website

Stoicism: Grin and bare it 5

Mood: reasonable spirits ≈ 7

Control: Some controll = 5

Discomfort: moderate = 4

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