Things happen 1, June 9th 2013

I haven’t updated for nearly a week because it’s been quite a significant one all things considered. I’ll do this retrospectively but by date. Last weekend I had a high-dose of the mustard gas derived Cyclophosphamide, and in the following days a daily injection of G-SCF – a growth factor that stimulates your stem cells and mobilises them outside of your bone marrow to enable collection. By Friday I had successfully self-administered 6 of these stomach-based injections without drama of any sort. I had been briefed by the CNS (clinical, nurse, specialist) at the Mac (Macmillan Cancer Centre) to expect ‘giving birth levels of pain’ by day 7 as the stem cells were forced out of the bone marrow. In my minds eye, I imagined a collective fist-pump from womankind. Saturday came, and so did the pain as waves of pulsating agony radiating from my lower back. I resorted to codeine, hot water bottles and Hail Marys. I survived but it was quite excruciating. I also realised at this point that my discomfort and control indexes were totally inadequate to capture the levels of pain I experienced. I might have to invent a new one. Anyhow here’s the data from Saturday.

For detailed description of parameters see the Data Methods part of this website

Stoicism: Grin and bare it 6

Mood: Low spirits 4

Control: No control at all = 1

Discomfort: 10 = worst possible

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