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Day June 2, 2013

Hat Index 2nd June 2013

Beenie Grey


Grin and bare it

I had a large dose of Cyclophosphamide yesterday, up until early evening I was tolerating it quite well, and then I started feeling quite crappy. Well very crappy to be more accurate. I crawled to bed around 9.30 hoping to sleep it off but no such luck. As part of the treatment I’d been given an anti-nausea drip which came cut with a dose of steroids. These assured no sleep so I could benefit in full from feeling crap all night. The best way of describing it was like having a really, really bad hangover mixed in with hyperactivity. Here are some interesting facts about Cyclophosphamide:

From Wikipedia: Cyclophosphamide has severe and life-threatening adverse effects, including acute myeloid leukemia, bladder cancer, and permanent infertility, especially at higher doses. 

Which isn’t really surprising as I also discovered it’s a derivative of mustard gas used in WW1. According to the clinical nurse specialist I can expect 2 days of mustard gas poisoning followed by a brief respite before I become neutropenic.

Today’s data:

Stoicism: Wobbly lip = 3

Mood: low spirits ≈ 4

Control: A little controll= 3

Discomfort: 8= severe