Hat index March 30th 2013

Hat = brown beenie

beenie brown


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  1. I love what you’re doing here, so I’m now following you and have added a link to your blog on my own.

    Three things… one question: may I borrow your idea of the hat index, as I have also taken to wearing a variety of hats since having bald and now shorn hair?

    One request: could we see photos of you actually wearing the hats, or does that not fit with what you want from the project? I think it’d make it a bit more “human” and accessible… Just a thought!

    And one encouragement: I love the idea of a creativity index. Unlike you, when I was on Dex, I felt almost euphoric, full of energy and ideas and creativity. I didn’t actually create anything, other than my blog, but I enjoyed the feelings.

    Keep up the great work and thank you for a very different and thought-provoking take on living with myeloma.

    • Dear Jet thanks for the kind comments.

      Of course borrow the idea of the index, take what you need and run with it – and anything else you find useful on the site.

      I don’t show my face for various reasons, one of which (well the main reason) being that I’m trying to track my responses to illness in a way that doesn’t put me as central to it. This is partly philosophical and partly due to the fact that i don’t like being at the centre of things. the thought of having my mug plastered over my blog every day horrifies me. I think the unworn hats are simply more poetic too.


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