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Drugs cost running total Jan – Feb 2013


Thank God for the NHS

Weekly update February 24th 2013

week ending Feb 24th 2013

week ending Feb 24th 2013

A busy week work-wise, and I mean work-wise not in terms of the blog where I was hoping to put more time into exploring how the data translates into watercolour structures and material. My working week has managed to continue reasonably uninterrupted to date despite a heavy demand on my time From the hospital. I’ve got used to being largely hairless but feel physically able. Mostly.

My treatment involves bursts of a full week of chemo followed by weekly squirts. I’ve just had a full week of a heavy dose of daily steroids (dex) which I’ve just come off. The emotional and physical side effects from this are quite tough to take and will reflect in the data I’m sure.

Data Summary

Hats: (Beenie grey x 2, Sindhi x1, Blue beat Mod x 2, Patterned beenie x 1)

Stoicism: a low of 3 wobbly lip and a high of 9 illness what illness. Mostly 5 stiff upper lip. I think the lower stats here are dex induced but I do find I can cope better when I’m doing creative activities as represented by illness what illness.

Mood: a low of 4 (subdued) and a high of 7 (cheerful and in good spirits), mostly 6 (calm). Interestingly the high and low scores don’t map to the stoicism scores. Some further analysis on this to come.

Control: a low of 4 (little control) and a high of 5 mostly 5 (some control ), looks fairly steady, I was juggling multiple work demands so reflected in this data.

Discomfort: a low of 2 (mild) and a high of 5 (moderate). Mostly 2(mild), I think the low discomfort scores are looking good here. My back has really settled down and not feeling much of anything anymore.


Bloods (Haemoglobin, White cell count, Platelets, Neutrophiils) all stayed stable and in the normal range. My specialists calls this boring, I’m delighted.

Weekly drugs cost February 2013

 chemo 2nd cycle

Velcade 3.5mg vial                                                          £762.38

Dexamethasone 160mg                                                 £10.83

Adriamycin 68mg                                                          £187

Zometa 4mg                                                                   £17.17

Cost of supporting drugs

Lansoprazole 14 mg tablets: cost £0.46

Co-trimoxazole 6720 mg tablets: cost  £1.76

Aciclovir 4200 mg, tablets: cost £03.12

Allopurinol 2100 mg, tablets: cost  £0.26

Domperidone 560 mg, tablets: cost £03.47

Total drugs cost for this week: £983.45

Thank god for the NHS.